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The Only Exception - Magan Vernon He really got me. He tried to make me a better person even when I was reluctant. He really was my exception to every rule. - Monica Remy

How I pictured Trey ;)

I got this earc from Magan Vernon in exchange for an honest review .

4.5 stars

Okay so when I heard about this book coming out a couple of months ago, I was pretty excited. This new adult genre has lately been really appealing to me and it's always fun to see the different kinds of stories authors can contribute to it. Between the awesome cover and talk of a governor's son, I was sold!

The general gist of the situation is that liberal Monica Remy just transferred universities. Since all the dorms are already filled up, she has to rent an apartment with a new roommate. Moving in, she finds out that none other than the governor's son, a governor whose conservative politics have affected Monica in a negative way, Trey Chapman is her new next door neighbor.

To be honest, in the beginning I wasn't sure about these two. Monica practically insulted Trey when she realized who he was and even so, Trey just kept pursuing her over and over. They kept bumping into each other (classes, coffee shop, library, you name it) and no matter what Monica said to him, Trey just seemed relentless. All the while, the only thing they seemed capable of doing was argue about politics. At first I couldn't see the chemistry, yet as I kept reading, things just seemed to click. Monica has some serious issues that slowly are revealed throughout the book (though I had my suspicions early on) and while Trey might look like some cookie cutter preppy boy, he really does have a heart of gold (and those crisp white shirts he wore were hot!). I loved how sweetly he pursued Monica, and how he honestly didn't want to change anything about her (even if he did think she was a "bleeding heart liberal").

Even so, as their relationship progresses, they have to face not only each others personal issues, but the fact that they're both at opposing spectrums on their political views (and as Political Science majors, trust me, this is a big thing). To be honest, I'm not a fan of politics and in the beginning of the book, I was afraid this would become a reason for me not to enjoy the book. I'm glad to say that this was not the case. Yes, the politics are there, but both views are well presented and it didn't overpower other parts of the story, mainly the love story.

Though Monica had her moments of stubbornness (that were frustrating!), I liked that she was rational and learned to work through her problems. I also liked how she and Trey just seemed to better each other and she never tried to push Trey away. Also, a lot of times New Adult authors give us these too perfect to be true, hot as sin guys; and as sexy as Trey was (in my mind) he still had his blatant faults. Yet it was refreshing to see him admit them and how in the end he and Monica could both come to a mid-point in not only their political views but in their relationship as well. The love between Trey and Monica was refreshing, and really reminiscent of the kind of relationship we all might like to have. Their love made them both grow in my eyes.

All in all,this a great New Adult book. It has wit, and sexy and funny, but also deals with some heavy subject matter (which honestly never felt like a trope). The epilogue was also incredibly sweet! The politics added a different side to things and kept the story interesting. Definitely a fun must read!