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I love to read. It's always been my solace, and though the themes and covers may have changed, the excitement of immersing myself in the pages of a book has never diminished! So here's the chance to get into my thoughts and rambles; my loves and misses; and meet the books that make me soar :)

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Off Course (Off Series, #4) - Sawyer Bennett 4.5 stars

Inmensely enjoyed this one! Would have given it 5 stars but the last couple of chapters were just a bit flat for me. Even so, loved the characters, and especially Cillian and Renner.

What really sold me on this was the dual POV! I loved that though Cillian wanted to sleep with Renner, it wasn't a case of insta-love for him. He struggled with his feelings and eventually (when he got to know Renner) he really fell for her. Besides, I love a good alpha male, and Cillian checked all the boxes for that one! Also, in that sense, I enjoyed Renner's character as well and spending time with other side characters through her (especially her cousin). I liked that she was strong and wanting to learn from her past, which lead her to not being run over by Cillian's good looks or charm.

The whole Maeve situation was nicely played on Bennett's part. It gave great contrast to the story and made me want to throttle Cillian more than once! Still I loved that Cillian realized the truth on his own, without Renner having to tell him, because I agree that he probably wouldn't have believed her. Also, I love that Linc and Nix made Cillian sweat for his chance to get her back, because trust me, Cillian got pretty damn stupid there for a few chapters, so I loved seeing him have to grovel a bit.

All in all, the setting was so much fun, and the story had a good pace. It was an incredibly sweet romance, with a good amount of steam, and just the kind of read I needed after a heavy book :)