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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin This was perfect, literally, but the last 10% of the novel kind of ruined it for me a bit. Hence me giving 4 stars instead of the automatic 5 I thought I was going to give this.

Mara Dyer is going crazy...or is she? That's the biggest question I was asking myself during the book. I kept coming up with answers to this, hoping the author would clue us in, but I was only left baffled and more confused than before. Still other characters were wonderful. Noah Shaw definitely had some major swoon-worthy moments. The things he would say would crack me up sometimes, especially when they made Mara blush! Also, I loved how Mara's family played a big role in the story. Most young adult authors choose to have not there or somewhat intolerable parental figures, making it easy to omit them through out the story. Mara's parents, especially her mom was who was somewhat controlling, were very present. But considering what was happening, it was justified, and one could constantly see how much love there was in this family.

The writing was perfect! I'm normally not a fan of short chapters, but her it helped to intensify the underlying creepiness of the storyine. Sometimes, I couldn't pass the pages fast enough between chapters which is a lot to say considering how much I read. Michelle Hodkin is one talented writer.

My only problem with this book is that it ended, and I still have no clue what exactly is happening to Mara. It angered me the conclusions she and Noah jumped to towards the end, considering they also had no clue (well a little, but even so, nothing concrete). What unsettled me more was that a lot of hints and clues were dropped throughout the story, but then you flip the last page over, and nothing. As in, WTF?! Though I have to give props to the author, the sheer amount of questions I have withing in me will be making the next book in the series a must read for me; if only for the sake of unraveling the mystery.