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Noah (5th Street, #1) - Elizabeth Reyes Though i have some mixed feelings about this book I really did enjoy it. Compared to the Moreno Series, though it didn't live up to some of the books in that series, Noah was definitely getting there! So, lets talk about the good and the bad.


-Noah, I just loved Noah! To me he was just as swoon-worthy as any Moreno brother, but there was more to it. Noah had enough alpha male and sweet guy in him to make it work. I loved how he staked his claim with Roni, but the moment any doubt or problem arose, Noah was always the first one to want to talk it out and not jump to conclusions.

-5th Street and the guys Noah hung out with (Abel, Hector and Gio) really endeared themselves to me. They may look young (as Roni annoyingly continued pointing out) but the things these guys have already been through in their short lives has not only made them grow up, but their loyalty towards one another was outstanding.

-I really liked the impromptu setting the author created between these two. The fact that the book was set during the holiday months was also a nice touch, especially since those are may favorite months of the year.


-Roni and I don't mean her as a person but rather her backwards way of thinking. I love books where you get to read all the main characters' perspectives because I feel it helps in understanding them better not only as characters but as people in relationships with other people. This wasn't the case with Roni. Though I really enjoyed reading about her and Noah (and at times about Roni herself), when Noah left and we're left alone with Roni's insecurities....I just wanted to strangle her at times. She says that the problem with the age difference is Noah, but clearly that wasn't the case. Noah may be younger than Roni, but in life experience and maturity, he's got her beat by a mile or two. On the contrary, she proved to be the one too immature for Noah and certainly too hung up about somethings. Still in the end, Noah loved her and I can admit that she did redeem herself towards the end :)

-The age difference or rather when it occurs. I do agree with Roni that age differences are only noticeable in respect to what moment in life the people in question are at. And though when Noah and Roni were alone together it wasn't always highlighted, everytime they stepped out with Noah's friends, the reader could't help but notice their age difference. My parents have the exact same age difference between them as Noah and Roni did, with my mom also being the older one. The fact that they met in their thirties really did make the age difference hardly noticable since they were both so sure of who they were at that stage in their lives.

Still, this book kept me turning the pages like a mad woman, and when I'm ready to throw my new iPad against the nearest wall (though i contained myself for Noah's sake), you know a book is good. I was more than happy to read another Elizabeth Reyes book, as she has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I can hardly wait for the next one, Gio, since I really liked his and Abel's characters. If you haven't read this or any other book by Mrs. Reyes, then get to it, you don't know what your missing out!