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I love to read. It's always been my solace, and though the themes and covers may have changed, the excitement of immersing myself in the pages of a book has never diminished! So here's the chance to get into my thoughts and rambles; my loves and misses; and meet the books that make me soar :)

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Slammed - Colleen Hoover "Does he treat you with respect at all times? That's the first question. The second question is, if he is the exact same person twenty years from now that he is today, would you still want to marry him? And finally, does he inspire to be a better person? You find someone you can answer yes to all three, then you've found a good man.”

Awesome...such an awesome book!

I loved everything about it! The build-up, the romance, Kel and Caulder, Eddie...and Will, I especially adored Will., Point is, this book isn't shallow or cliché. It's simple, and in it's simplicity is where I found the beauty.

Let me explain, even though this is technically a book with many heart wrenching moments, I never felt overwhelmed by anything. Hoover's direct and simple prose kept me riveted to this story, falling in love with her characters and their world, while at the same time I wanted to know all that more about them. Will and Lake's journey was so much more than a love story; it was one about trust and acceptance and learning how to find balance with cards life has dealt you. All in all it was an incredible read and one that has me wanting to devour the next two :D