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First off, I want to thank Netgalley and the author for the opportunity to review this ARC.

From the get go, when I saw the book blurb, I knew I had to read this. New Adult, which is what the author classified this as, is a really fun genre for me. Some of my recent favorites, book wise, are New Adult. That said, even with a genre that’s so young, a lot of tropes and clichés are still arsing so it’s always nice to see unique storylines. A book like this, where the characters meet online, playing a virtual game no less, is definitely unique for me.
I’m sad to say though, this wasn’t a favorite for m. I’ll get to why now.

Tess is a college dropout, who at the beginning of the book has used up all her funds into getting to Philadelphia, where her friend Arion lives. Tess, known as Angel, and Axel, known as Arion, are players in a virtual game called WarQuest, and not only do they meet and form a friendship, but they also start to have deeper feelings for one another. That is, until Angel stops playing. It’s now been a year since Arion’s heard from Angel, and that fact alone has slowly destroyed him. Little was he prepared then to see the girl he possible loved standing at his doorstep on a random Sunday night. It’s obvious Angel is running, but from what, not even Arion is completely sure at the start. That doesn’t mean he’s losing her again; no matter what happens, Arion’s keeping Angel.

The premise of this story as you can is good. I loved Arion, especially how committed he was to helping Angel heal, and while I initially like Angel, she honestly got on my nerves more than a few times before the story was over. I think where this story suffered the most, was in the actual execution of the storyline. All the elements for a good book where there: strong characters, nice setting, something a bit unusual, etc. Still, the majority of the events transpired in a week and that, combined with the fact that we knew so little about Angel and Arion’s past relationship, made it hard for me to really appreciate them as a a couple. At the same time, the problem Angel is running from is pretty big, but I thought she didn’t always handle things correctly. She’s the one who ran to Arion for help, but everytime he tried to do something nice for her, Angel pushed him away, to the point where she turned into a real b***h. I know some reviews have said Arion was a bit too possessive and maybe just as bad as Nick but I got where Arion was coming from and I thought Angel didn’t try to understand that all, which only helped in me liking her even less.

Still, the author had a good writing style and the story kept me hooked for the most part, if only to see what would happen next. I’m not completely sure I’d classify this as New Adult, since the events and characters felt a little bit out of that age range. Nonetheless, the story had a nice pace and I know many people might enjoy it.

Now, here’s one of my favorite Arion quotes, right after he gets Angel a mixed bouquet of lilies, and red and yellow roses.

“I know that right now, you aren't ready, and I’m okay with that. So I thought this would be a good way to show you friendship is enough for now, but that I won’t stop waiting and hoping for more. Someday our bouquet will be red.”