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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines Absolutely amazing!

To think that just this time last year I read my first Abbi Glines book. The author had only a few books out and in my eyes, a great amount of potential. Fallen Too Far defenitely denotes how much that potential has progressed and grown.

Considering that Abbi Glines has been focusing on the series she has out, it was fun to see her start a new one. From the get go I knew this book had a rather tough ending, I just had no idea what it would be exactly. I wasn't until right up to the point everything's revealed that I kind of figured it out, and even then, I was floored. Yet as heartbreaking as the ending was it made sense to me. After what Rush told Blaire about how he contributed to breaking up her family, I don't think even I would be able to forgive him on the spot. Blaire's pain was fresh and so tangible, and while I bawled my eyes out when she said goodbye to Rush, I understood why she did it. Still, I think Blaire overlooked her father's involvement too much. The ultimate SOB here was him, not Rush; Rush was largely at fault for only knowing one side of the story.

The characters as always were the best part of the book. Rush was more intense than other boys Gline's has written about, but I totally fell hard for him! He's conflicted, and while Blaire might not get why, Rush had good reason to be so torn. Even so, he was extremely sweet and protective towards Blaire which was endearing to see. Blaire, on the other hand, gripped my heart from the first page. I felt for her, this girl who was literally alone with no one else to go to but her father, who by the way has already failed her greatly. Though she was too naive for my taste, I still really enjoyed her character and the scenes between her and Rush were fun to read. Both had good chemistry and the relationship flowed rather well.

People such as Nan, Grant and Cain were well played out well, but my favorite out of the bunch of secondary characters was Woods. Since Glines is making a series out of this book, I really hope to some day get to read his story.

Now, on to my only small complaint. While reading this book, I noticed a lot of similarities between it and some of Gline's work (specifically Breathe). She's already done the dynamic of a "rockstar type falling for the help" and even at the beach too. Even so, I have to give her credit. While I wasn't particularly impressed by Sadie and Jax's story, I loved Rush and Blaire's, and really fell into theirs.

I am now desperate to get my hands on Never too Far. I read this quickly, imerging myself quite deeply in the story, which only brought me that much closer to my first conclusion...this story was pretty amazing. I've read all of Abbi Glines' books and this is by far one of my favorites!