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Found - Alyssa Rose Ivy This last installment of the Crescent Chronicles was good, though I will admit that I was hoping for a bit more. The beginning was sweet and I liked how we got to see some romantic moments with Levi and Allie. The whole cave scene was incredibly sweet and when Levi told Allie about the dream he'd had about her, my heart just fell a little bit more for him

That said, my biggest problem with this book was Allie. I hated how she was always quick to get mad at Levi (even if only temporary) and how she distrusted Levi's love for her. I mean, come one, after three books filled of a guy like Levi, swoon-worthy, sweet and totally devoted to his love, I found myself frustrated that Allie kept on with that line of thought.
Stiil, I did like her and Levi's relationship, and all the the banter and sweet moments they shared. I especially liked they never let their problems fester. Still, I wished Allie could have trusted Levi more at times.

The twist in the book was nice, but a little underplayed (as was some of the paranormal aspect), though I did enjoy how the author resolved everything towards the end. I especially liked how the last 30% of the book kept me on the edge and even caused to tear up. My only other compliant is that for a book that references sex a lot (and when I mean a lot, I mean even grandma was talking about it), the actual steamy moments weren't up to par which was a bit of a shame.

Still, characters like Jared and Levi did me in with this book. I honestly loved when either of these two was on scene. Also the camaraderie Owen, Jared, Hailey, Levi and Allie shared was really fun to read about (the pancake scene was hilarious). All in all, it''s a good book with a sweet romance! I might read the next Pteron's series this author has coming out just to get a bit more of Jared :)