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Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1) - Christine Zolendz Wow! What a way to start the year!

I won this book from Sugar and Spice Book Reviews so thanks a million times to them! Before winning it, I saw this series start popping on a couple of bloggers' lists for top books of 2012. That combined with the synopsis had me sold on reading it.

This book starts out with a bang! Grace's brother is dead and since nothing is tying her to the hospice any longer, she decides to go back to the apartment she used to share with her best friend, Lea. That same night, she meets Mad World's lead singer, Shane Maxton and with the kind of explosive chemistry these two share, your bound to get some intense situations.

From the moment they meet, the plot never lets up. Your constantly going from what Grace is living, to what Grace is thinking. And in between those two, a whole lot is revealed about who Grace is, what she's doing and more specifically....who the "angel" she keeps referring to is. My best suggestion to all of you is that you read the book without trying to find out what the plot twists are. Zolendz manges to suprise her reader and though towards the end I had my suspicions about what would happen, the "why?" was still suprising.

One of my favorite parts of this book was the characters. Shane Maxton was positively delicious. All the banter he shared with Grace, and how protective he got of her made me swoon more than a couple of times. Shane was so confident but (though Grace would disagree with me) he wasn't a complete ass, he was just guarded. Something happened in both their pasts that have made them weary of the world, but being able to share such intense feelings with another person brings out the best and worst in anybody.

For the most part, I really liked Grace. She was strong and confident, but she also took some stupid decisions more than a few times. It's like she couldn't see the obvious sign on the door. Still, she was a great friend and cared deeply about those around her.

Okay, now on to a few complaints. First, towards the end of the book, I got slightly annoyed with how much these characters drank. Everything they did revolved around or ended in them getting shots, or beer or (in Tucker's case) constanlty drunk. Don't get me wrong, I'm in my early twenties and I like to got out and have fun, but having it constantly be mentioned seemed a little off to me. Second, I thought that Grace and Lea could get unusually mean, especially with Shane's conquests. I get that they thought the girls were sluts, but acting up unprovoked seemed unclassy and didn't not go at all with how these characters were presented later on. Finally, I get that Grace is beautiful but come on, the only guy that didn't hit on her was Connor. Though I will say, with some of the things presented at the end of the book, I am willing to overlook that last complaint.

With all this said, this book was amazing. I literally devoured it last night. The cliffhanger at the end (though not one of the worst I've seen) had me immediately going over to Amazon and downloading the second book. To think this is indie published and that that both books are only $1.50 on Amazon makes me wonder why more people aren't talking about this. Christine Zolendz is definitely on my "authors to watch for" list.