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Independence - Shelly Crane I'm torned as to what to write here.

When I finished Defiance at the beginning of this year, I was so estatic that Shelly Crane decided to do one more book on Caleb and Maggie. All of the books before this one had had me ripping through pages and desperate to see what would happen next. This one, though I read it quickly, I didn't rip throught it.

Though I loved Independence, I think some parts of the storyline could have been worked at more. Some of the magic I'd found in previous books (like the imprints and Caleb and Maggie together) was sort of lost here. It wasn't until almost half-way into the book that I felt I found some of the spark, but even then, it wasn't the same.

I'm happy that Shelly Crane gave us another book, and my rating corresponds to how happy the storyline made me. My only complaint is that I knew there could be so much more. Maggie and Caleb were always jumping around from place to place, and I sometimes missed the times it was just them, falling in love (which btw, they still are since all these four books take place in a matter of weeks). Kyle and Lynn's relationship surprised me at times...I dunno, I expected Kyle to be sweeter at times than he was. With that said, loved seeing Bish with Jen finally; they both deserved some happiness.

The wedding was great, but I wished it would have been panned out more. Also, I wasn't always a fan of having the book from two POVs. I constantly had to pan back to see who was talking, since I'm sad to say that Caleb and Maggie's voice sounded very similar at times.

Finally, the bad guy. This one to me was a bit unreal. During the last books, the villan always made sense, but this time, it seemed far strectched to say the least. For all the powers and abilities Maggie and her friends have, they took stupid decisions towards the end and that almost cost them their lives. Still, it got tears out of me and that's always a sign of good writing in my book.

All in all, I really did love the storyline. At the end of it, I was left with a big smile and yet saddened by the fact I had to leave these characters behind. What made me not give this one five stars (as I did with the rest) is that I think it could have been better.