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I love to read. It's always been my solace, and though the themes and covers may have changed, the excitement of immersing myself in the pages of a book has never diminished! So here's the chance to get into my thoughts and rambles; my loves and misses; and meet the books that make me soar :)

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Spellcaster - Cara Lynn Shultz Started out to slow for my taste but quickly picked up about almost halfway into the book. I got a better sense of the characters in this one, but the story lacked some of the magic the first one had. Also the evil presumed to be after them was not nearly as scary as it was hyped up to be in the beginning of the book. Still it was nice getting another peek into Emma and Brandons world, and once the story got flowing, i really couldn't put it down. I don't know if the author plans to continue with the series, but the events were well wrapped up in this story so i'm not sure. I was really happy with the first book, the rest is just a bonus : )