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The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa “I hate to break it to you, but I promised someone I wouldn’t leave without the Iron Prince there.” I stabbed a sword at Kierran, who raise his head and finally looked at me. I glared back. “And I’m going to keep my promise, even if I have to break both his legs and carry him out”

Remember that cute little boy the fey abducted? The one that forced Meghan Chase to confront her heritage all while fighting alongside Robin Goodfellow and falling in love with the son of Mab. Well Meghan’s brother, Ethan Chase, isn’t so little anymore, and he’s got one hell of an attitude. Good thing is, it suits him. So let’s get into this review.

As an avid fan of the Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa, I was slightly saddened when the Iron Knight came out. Not because it was a bad book, quite the contrary, but because it meant I would have to say goodbye to Nevernever. Well Kagawa, being the awesome author that she is decided that though she wouldn’t continue Meghan, Puck and Ash’s story, she would start on another spin off series in the same world we all fell in love with.

As always, the setting, Nevernever, was spectacular. We get another glimpse into the Wyldwood and along with it all the creepy and somewhat malicious faeries that compose it. Along with it, we get cameos of other beloved characters, though some (namely Grimalkin and Leansidhe) are more present to the storyline that others. But as I said before, this isn’t the original trio’s story, so let’s see who we have up to bat this time

Ethan Ethan started out…aggressive, to say the least. I always wondered what happened to that little boy once Meghan rescued him. Could he forget the fey and continue on with the life of a normal mortal? The answer to that is no. Once you have the Sight, there’s no turning back. Redcaps, gremlins and pixies are all a small part of Ethan’s daily torment. People think he’s a lost cause, always getting in trouble and even going as far as setting a library on fire. Truth is, no one understand what Ethan is facing. It was quite contrast in that sense to what Meghan’s induction into the fey was. While Meghan embraced it, although at times somewhat fearfully, Ethan was completely against, turning at times aggressive. Even so, he was a sweet and compassionate guy hiding underneath a lot of hurt. Though he has no glamour, his kickass Kali skills make him a formidable opponent to any fey which I liked By the end of the book, Ethan had more than grown on me and I was surprised by how well Kagawa portrayed a his male point of view. My only complaint with Ethan is that he hated Ash, which is unfair because Ash is awesome!

Kenzie Ugh..that’s my verdict. She started out spunky and cute, but that spunk quickly turned annoying. She’s human but she’s no Meghan. I found Kenzie made at times stupid decisions, thinking that a quick search on Google made her more adept to handle the fey than Ethan, who has lived an entire life in contact with them. Kenzie thought she wasn’t a damsel in distress, but in essence that what she turned out to be. Ethan had to constantly be hovering over and protecting her which only put them more at risk. The love connection between her and Ethan can’t rival Meghan and Ash’s, so I won’t comment on it except to say that I wouldn’t mind having Ethan as my boyfriend. All in all, that revelation towards the end made me like her slightly more, but I’m not completely sold on Mackenzie St. James yet.

Kierran Oh my! I know most said they were disappointed by Ash and Meghan’s son, but I wasn’t. I could see Meghan’s compassion and sense of truth within in him while still exhibiting the loyalty and battle skills his father posses. I want to think his somewhat mischievous streak is homage to Uncle Puck but that’s just what I think. He has summer, winter and iron glamour while still being part human, which makes him unique at best! In my opinion, if the book had had some parts from his point of view, it would have been an overall stronger story. Seeing Kierran from Ethan’s point of view wasn’t always ideal, because Ethan at times let his resentment towards Ash bleed over into his opinion of his nephew. Even so, I loved Kierran and I’m excited to what Kagawa does with this character. From those of you who have read the Iron Prophecy, Kierran holds the key to the three courts destiny so he’ll definitely be key in the coming storyline.

Annwyl Kierran’s love interest. Not much to say about her except that both father and son have a definite affinity to Summer woman. I wish she had been more prominent to the storyline, since I enjoyed her presence more than Kenzie, but truth was we don’t know much about her or why Kierran fell in love with her. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how her character will play into further books.

Puck In truth, Puck had like a page or two of lines, but they were so epic that it’s worth mentioning. When I first heard of a spin off, I thought Puck would play a larger part than he did. Considering Ash got the girl and Puck didn’t, I was hoping Kagawa would focus more on Puck’s happy ending but I can’t say yet that she won’t. Hopefully we get to see more of Puck because I lit up everything this guy entered a scene!

All in all, while this book was good, it was missing part of the wow factor that first attracted me to the series. This new breed of Fey, the Forgotten had my interest since they were first introduced in the Iron Knight. Instead of dying, Fey are forgotten and drift away, turning into even creepier beings that they were originally. The events surrounding the Forgotten and what they do to exiles and half-breeds kept me turning pages, especially since towards the end we are still left in the dark in regards to what the Forgotten plan to do with this new acquired power. My problem with this story was that it felt more like a setting of stage or prelude to the actual story. Except for meeting the Forgotten, we still have no idea what they want or how Kierran and Ethan will factor into their plans. This of course makes me interested to see what Kagawa will do in the second installment, but I have to say that the end of this book felt too anti-climatic (especially after reading the Iron Prophecy) to have me loving it as much as the Iron King.

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