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The Savage Grace - Bree Despain Probably the best one in the series. After Lost Saint, i was slightly dissapointed as to where the magic that had made me fall in love with the Dark Divine went, but it's here now. The characters and the storyline in this book literally made me power through 488 pages (the longest book i've read so far this year) in just a day.

This book starts off a couple of days after the events of thr Lost Saint with Grace desperately trying to find a way to turn Daniel back to human while at the same time dealing with everything falling apart around her. I understand the author is a Christian so therefore she infuses her writing with a lot of christian like metaphors which i honestly enjoyed. She especially touched base a lot on the act of forgiveness and at the end i felt a better person for having read this book along with enjoying the plot so much.

That said the plot really ties up a lot of loose ends or storylines that were introduced througout the last two books. No new major characters were introduced, but rather the reader is focused on the growth and internal battles of those left from previous books. I especially identified with Grace's character. She took everything with a Grace befitting her name while reminding the reader that even as the Divine One she is just human, and even she can break, make mistakes or fails at times. Even so,mher love for Daniel was unwavering even when it all seemed hopeless and the strenght they find in one another is heartwarming to aay the least.

The book was pretty action packed and for as long as it was, it never dragged. I liked th little lines Bree Despain used to introduce new chapters or breaks inthe actiom. They were funny and sometimes quieky and it kept the action fresh. Her writing was also solid throughout the book though my only complaint woild be that i sometimes had problems envisioning the logistics of certain actions scenes. That said, definetly read this book if you read the two before it. As Bree Despain states in an interview the end feels like a beginning. Though everything is not fairytale end perfect, the end was satisfying and heartwarming, providing the perfect close to a beautiful trilogy.