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The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa “Where have you come from traveler?”
“I have come from the End of the World" said a quiet voie that made my heart stop beating "From the River of Dreams, through the gauntlet and the Briars and the Deep Wyld, in order to stand before you today”

Okay I am literally writing this review only minutes after finishing the last page (which extended beyond the actual novel into the extras!!) and I can only contain my excitement for so long. First and foremost, thank-you so much to Netgalley and HarlequinTEEN for allowing me to review this ahead of time, you have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed it. With that said…I will try and keep this review as spoiler free as possible because I believe that what made this novel so great was all the wonderful, gut-wrenching and at times heart stopping surprises Kagawa was able to infuse into her story. The storyline picks up right after that of the novella Summer’s Crossing, but can be read independently of it (though I highly recommend reading Summer’s Crossing, as it was also great). For those of you who need a refresher, the Iron Queen left us with Meghan reigning over the Iron Realm, but ultimately living separately from her true love, Prince Ash of the Winter Court, due to the fact that iron repulses all fey. Ash ultimately promises Meghan he will find a way back to her, and the novel ends with him and Puck setting off on a quest to fulfill Ash’s promise.

Originally, when I read an ARC of the Iron Queen back in March, I had no idea Julie Kagawa planned on adding on to the Iron Fey trilogy. With that said, you can only imagine my relief when I turned the page and saw the announcement for Iron Knight. I’m a sucker for happy endings and it tore me to think that Ash and Meghan wouldn’t get theirs. Yet here we are…with another book, as I promised, I won’t spoil anything except for the fact that Julie Kagawa is truly an amazing author. This novel is told from Ash’s instead of Meghan’s point of view. To me this was awesome, simply because Ash is such a guarded character and it was nice to get inside his head and get a feel for the Unseelie Prince’s emotions. Along with Ash for the ride we have the lovable Puck and the somewhat annoying, but very essential Grimalkin. As their quest for Ash’s mortality progresses, we are introduced to some very interesting characters.

Much like Meghan, Ash’s voice sounds quite strongly throughout the narration. Though the storyline is set in the present, Kagawa manages to abound on both Ash and Puck’s past (and yes, the feud is covered). To me that was interesting, as they only seemed to exist when Meghan did. It was interesting to learn about their lives previous to Meghan’s arrival to the Fairy World and it helped me love them that more, especially the friendship they still shared. As proved in the previous three books, Kagawa’s story building is flawless. Through her narration, she made every single aspect of her settings come alive. As before, Kagawa’s Fairy World was as much interesting as it was frightening. She literally takes her readers to the End of the World and back all they while keeping them on the edge of their seats.

As with any quest, Ash must pass a series of excruciatingly hard tests to reach his ultimate goal, and much like Meghan in books before, Ash must face tough indecisions he never knew where plaguing him. I must admit that Kagawa had me scared for a while. I wasn’t quite sure what Ash would choose at some points and that had my heart in constant vice…but in the end…it was…well I’ll let you figure it out ;) In the end, The Iron Knight was better than anything I could’ve ever expected. Julie Kagawa took the storyline to every place I didn’t expect and the some…and it was wonderfull!! As before, her writing kept me reading until I found myself at the end. Though it was sad to see such a great story at an end…I must say that I leave it with a smile on my face and the intentions to re-read it countless times in the future to come. Still, I’m excited to see what Puck’s story will be.

Consensus: As I’ve said before, Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey Series is amazing. This one is more action packed (if that’s even possible) than the rest, but still if you’re looking for love, adventure, mystery, sorrow, friendship and more you will find that here in spades, all wrapped up in the workings of a great novel! Pick this up, and if you haven’t read the rest, don’t even hesitate in doing so.