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Here Lies Bridget (Harlequin Teen) - Paige Harbison The complete review is posted on http://www.yapageturners.blogspot.com

"I want you to understand how people see you, and how your actions matter...You must learn that your place in the world is important. You've been given the power to affect people, just as we all have, and it's important-no,vital-that you do the right thing with it" - Anna Judge

Bridget Duke has always been the “center of attention” of everyone around her, though probably not for the reasons she believes. As a person she’s selfish, envious, mean, catty, manipulating and whatever more horrid adjective you can attribute to someone who simply put, is unbearable. Many times I found myself wanting to rip her a new one for all the things she said to her supposed best friends, the way she lied to the headmaster, or how she treated her not so wicked stepmother. With that said, the book was impossible to put down. Watching Bridget treat others was like watching an oncoming train wreck, you want to close your eyes, but you simply can’t. The funny part was, Bridget honestly believed she was doing the right thing; that it was her, in any case, who had been wronged when things didn’t go her way.

Which is probably why, I couldn’t find it in myself to completely hate her. In fact, by the end of the novel, I had not only cried for her, but I was incredibly proud of her! As the story progresses and you learn more about her past, especially what happened with her mother, you kind of start understanding where all the attitude is coming from.

I have to admit, for a debut novel, Paige Harbison did a spectacular job! Not only did she do a superb job with Bridget’s character, but the characters of Meridith, Michelle and Liam were surprisingly real in their struggles. Liam especially! He was sweet and cute, and not only did i like how things between him and Bridget progressed, but how he was the only one who never gave up on her. The ending was also great. It had a bit of the happy without losing the credibility aspect of the novel. It’s true Bridget redeemed herself, but the consequences of her actions still took place. I must warn you though, there’s a bit of a Christmas Carol element to the novel, but instead of ghosts, you have shoes! I'll leave that one for the readers to figure out!

Consensus: Paige Harbison’s debut novel was not only refreshing in its approach to the subject but construed a great read as well! If you’re looking for something different in a young adult novel, look no further because Bridget Duke will touch a lot more than a few of your heartstrings.