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Down London Road - Samantha Young After reading [b:On Dublin Street|15760001|On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1)|Samantha Young|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358249908s/15760001.jpg|21459719] and [b:Until Fountain Bridge|17665083|Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street, #1.6)|Samantha Young|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363894173s/17665083.jpg|24657968], I was more than ready to devour whatever else Samantha Young decided to publish as part of this series. The characters, the setting, the banter, everything about those books had me wanting to get to this one....except when I read it was about Jo, Joss' co-worker (now turned friend) from Club 39 who to my memory was a bit of gold-digger. Man do I love to be wrong sometimes!

To be honest, the first 30% of the book was kind of slow, so I struggled to stick to it. What did keep me coming back was Jo. She was such a surprise and I enjoyed her character better than Joss. What Jo displays to the world, a somewhat fake gold-digger is all a facade. Truth is that she dates rich guys to gain a sense of economical security that will in part help her provide for her younger brother Cole (since their parents are two "gems"). Crashing in on her world and calling her on all her bull is sexy scotishman, Cameron MacCabe and wow did he give Braden Carmichael a run for his money! Cam is brash and rough around the edges, and the sexual chemistry between those two was electric. At first he treats Jo incredibly harsh, being quick to judge her. Still, Jo holds her own against him, and once he realizes he's wrong, I loved how Cam was man enough to admit his mistake and make up for it, showing how sweet and utterly adorable he can be (only with her of course).

I think I loved this one just a bit more than On Dublin Street simply because of Jo and Cameron. Jo was strong and her devotion to her younger brother was more than admirable. At the same time, though she had a long list of hang ups, she handled them a lot better than Joss. I also liked how Cam always demanded Jo be honest with him because that helped them avoid a lot of the classical misunderstandings. At the end if it all the relationship between these two was raw, honest and quite beautiful to see unfold. It was fun to also visit some older characters such as Braden, Joss, Adam, Ellie and the Nichols clan. Based on this and some newer characters we were introduced to, I can't wait to see what else Samantha Young is able to do with this series!