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Four Summers - Nyrae Dawn Okay, so this is my third Nyrae Dawn book and I'm really loving her writing. She brings characters to life in a way that so relatable and I love how she can dominate writing in a male's voice.

When I first heard about Four Summers, I knew I had to read it. The book didn't dissapoint. Though it started out rather slow, it picked up a couple of chapters in and then I couldn't let the story go. The way Nyrae Dawn plays it out - four summers, each alternating the POV - sounded interesting but played out beautifully. The end of each summer always made me cry when they had to say goodbye and though we only got to see their summers, these characters felt different each time in accord to how they were growing up.

Nate and Charlotte's love story was different than the typical YA. We got to see how these two fell in love over four years and how they first had to learn how to stand on their own before they could stand for each other. Nathaniel Chase was great! He was sweet and flirty and I loved how he accepted Charlotte for who she was. His nickname for her was also so cute! Charlotte Gates was a bit of an insecure tomboy, but she was also a dreamer. She grew the most in the story and with Nate's love and acceptance, she was able to see beyond what everybody else envisioned for her.

Okay, now unto the few things I didn't like:

-Though I'm not one to gripe about this, some of the blatant grammer mistakes were hard to ignore especially when I had to re-read some sentences to understand them better. Considering this hasn't been the case with other Nyrae Dawn books I've read, I'm not sure what happened here.

-The plot twist I had no problem that Alec and Brandon were seeing each other, I actually suspected it. What seemed unrealistic was how things escalated at the end of the third summer. Between Alec and Brandon refusing to man up and Nathaniel just throwing out his trust for Charlotte out the window, I was a bit miffed about how the fourth summer was affected because of this. Even so, I loved that Charlotte and Nathaniel got past things and were able to get their HEA

All in all, the book was very good. The characters and setting felt so real to me that I actually missed them once it was over. Charlotte and Nate's love story was a sweet one and definitely a good summer read!