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Never Too Far - Abbi Glines So after the cliffhanger Abbi Glines left us with in [b:Fallen Too Far|16070903|Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1)|Abbi Glines|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349565157s/16070903.jpg|21864517], I was anxious to get my hands on this sequel.

I've been reading Abbi Glines' writing for about a year and a half now, and have come to realize that whenever she publishes something, I quickly either like it or fall in love with it. Never Too Far, unlike Fallen Too Far, fell into the former rather than the latter category.

Never Too Far was good, and Lord knows I read this straight through, but I can also recognize that as much as I love Abbi Glines and these characters, some of the appeal from the first book was lost in this one.

Be forewarned, there might be spoilers from the Fallen Too Far ahead!

This picks up about three weeks from where the last book left off. Rush is a mess and Blaire (after finding out she's pregnant) isn't faring any better. Even so, certain circumstances bring Blaire back to Rosemary where she decides to room with Bethy (who I'm so happy is finally with Jace). As to be expected, when Rush finds out, he's determined to get her back.

There are certain things that Blaire is holding back from telling Rush, that make her even more cautious about getting back together with him. Even so, these two have awesome chemistry and that coupled with Rush's persistence and Blaire's pregnancy hormones make for an explosive combination when these two finally decide to give into their feelings.

I know that when I read Fallen Too Far I really liked Rush. In this one (though he got a little too emotional for me at times) I really enjoyed his character and definitely saw the swoon-worthiness. His determination to get Blaire back was pretty neat, although I wish he'd been better at keeping certain promises Like the whole putting Blaire first went straight out the window when Nan had her accident Blaire on the other hand was a little too sweet for my taste, but complimented Rush's character perfectly. I'd wish she'd been a little more firmer with him at times, but then again, being in love with someone blinds us all a little.

Side characters (such as Grant, Woods, Bethy and Jace) are partly one of the reasons I love Abbi Glines. She writes interesting side characters that provide good contrast to the storyline while helping it move forward. It's also fun to see when those characters get their own books (such as Wood and Grants) because I already feel closer to them.

Now, before I finish my review, here are a couple of things that bugged me about the storyline. First, there were a lot of unresolved issues such as the wedding, pregnancy, etc. These two are barely a couple and they already have a set life which I would have like to see more of. I know there is a third book coming out soon, but Abbi Glines has stated this was originally the last book in this series, which to me was sort of baffling considering all the loose ends that were left at the end. Also, the amount of sex or talk of sex got a little repetitive and I would have much preferred scenes that gave more insight into the storyline, especially since (all things considering) this is a rather short book (and priced kind of steeply). Finally, though I loved Rush, his wishy washy attitude towards Blaire made it rather irritating to not throttle him sometimes.

Even if Never Too Far didn't meet all my expectations, I still enjoyed it and am excited to see how this story wraps up in [b:Forever Too Far|17337562|Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3)|Abbi Glines|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1368151288s/17337562.jpg|24071049]. I'll also be on the lookout for Grant's story (which comes out at the end of this year). All in all, Abbi Glines is still one of my go to authors, so I recommend this book, especially if you've read the Fallen Too Far (which was superb!).