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Breathe - Abbi Glines Breathe is neither my favorite or least favorite Abbi Glines book. Though I read the story straight through (I was sick in bed so I had thw time) it didn't captivate me like some of others Glines books (ex. The Vincent Boys) had.

The plot is quite simple. Sadie's pregnant mother refuses to work, so Sadie has to go in for her so that they can feed their now growing family. Little does she know that the house she is working at is none other than the family home of the world famous rock star, Jax Stone. Although she honestly doesn't care about his fame (which is something that I think both Jax and I loved about her) she can't help but fall for Jax once he sets his sights on her. I liked Jax and Sadie's relationship. Jax was so sweet and that was something that Sadie desperately needed with the whole situation with her mom. They both go through moments of turmoil, but come out stronger because of it. You're also introduced to Marcus and his friends in this book, some of which get their own stories later on in the series, so that was nice.

Also, since I've now read the whole series, I'd like to point out that this one was more Young Adult, vs. others in the series that could be classified New Adult. I know that since The Sea Breeze series got picked up for publishing, Abbi Glines is re-writing this one to better make it fit with the other three. When the newly edited version comes out in May I will definetly pick it up. I'v seen a lot of growth in Abbi Glines from following her writing for more than a year, so I'm interested to see what she can do with Breathe now!